Sexual difficulties are very common and can occur for a number of reasons. They can feel upseting to talk about and may impact on self esteem, confidence and the quality of a relationship. Psychosexual therapy is a 'hands off' talking therapy that offers a safe place to begin to untangle some of the issues and enable better communication. Unfortunately there often isn't a 'quick fix' and the work takes commitment from both sides. I will take a personal history, explore familial, social and cultural beliefs and try to understand the problem in the context of what it means for you as an individual. I may give you practical exercises to do in the privacy of your home either by yourself or with a partner. It is difficult to predict the number of sessions needed but we would have regular review sessions to determine how the work is going.
If you are in a relationship I would encourage you both to attend as it is a couple issue and not 'owned' by just one of you. I see clients at the same time and day either on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on your needs and availability.
The causes of sexual problems may be related to medical conditions, be psychological in nature or a mixture of both. I may ask you to access a GP or specialist sexual health clinic to exclude or confirm an underlying medical problem.